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Triumph Muzzldr Wthrsh/Camo 50Cal

Triumph Muzzldr Wthrsh/Camo 50Cal

Thompson/Center Arms Firearms

  • $ 518.03

The T/C Triumph is just a great performing muzzleloader, with the features you need, but not the bulk you dont. The Triumph features -turn breech plug removal, simple-to-use design for ease of use and care, and an alloy receiver that reduces weight while balancing the rifle for the most natural handling youll find anywhere.

It really is beautifully simple! With only four moving parts, there is no need to remove the trigger group, disassemble or use tools to clean the rifle. The only breech plug that can be removed by hand. No tools required...turn 90 and out.

Toggle lock action featuring tip-up barrel design (patent pending) provides greater access to breech area for easier priming and cleaning. Opening series of locking lugs on Speed Breech XT prevent the breech plug from getting seized.

- Does not include scope