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TactHome Defense Slug 20ga 2.75" .75oz /5

TactHome Defense Slug 20ga 2.75" .75oz /5


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The THD is the perfect cartridge for home defense, and for law enforcement professionals operating in crowded urban environments. It offers more than enough stopping power (even against criminals wearing bulletproof vests), but because the wad is designed not to separate from the slug, risk to innocent bystanders is reduced. The lower recoil allows fast followup shots in case of a multiple-target scenario. The THD is the best safeguard for you and the ones you love.


- Caliber: 20 GA 2 ¾''
- Weight: 1 oz, 437 grs, 28,4g
- Barrel: smooth and rifled
- Chokes: all
- Range: CQB up to 35 yards