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Standard 2-Pc Base-Black

Standard 2-Pc Base-Black


  • $ 19.80

Leupold steel bases are designed specifically to withstand the toughest recoil. These 2 Piece Bases give you maximum accessibility to the magazine or breech of your rifle and more flexibility in mounting scopes to bolt action rifles. These steel bases will fit both right and left handed actions. Bases accept any Standard-style rings.


- Base Style: Standard
- Base Type: 2 Piece
- Material: Steel
- Finish: Gloss Black


- Browning FN actions (.264-.458)
- Harrington & Richardson
- JC Higgins (Pre-1955)
- Marlin 455
- Mausers FN and Mark 10
- Parker Hale Models 1000, 1100, and 1200
- Sako (Round Receivers) and Weatherby FN

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