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Speer GDHP 40S&W 165grain/20

Speer GDHP 40S&W 165grain/20


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A patented process forms the hollow point cavity in two stages. The core is pre-fluted to define the "fault" lines of expansion, controlling final diameter and retained weight. The second process finishes the cavity and controls the rate of expansion. Select, clean burning propellants deliver optimum velocity while ensuring consistent chamber pressures. Non corrosive CCI primers are used for highly sensitive and reliable performance, as well as nickel plated brass cases for smooth feeding and durability.


- Bullet Type: Gold Dot Hollow Point
- Muzzle Energy: 484 ft lbs
- Muzzle Velocity: 1150 fps


- Caliber: 40 Smith & Wesson
- Bullet Weight: 165 GR
- Rounds/box: 20 Rounds Per Box, 25 Boxes Per Case