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M12 Universal Military Holster-OD

M12 Universal Military Holster-OD


  • $ 68.16

Designed by Bianchi in the 1980's the M12 is the standard issue holster for the U.S. Armed Forces and has been battle proven from Bosnia to Panama and Iraq. Its unique ambidextrous design, when combined with our modular accessories, allows the M12 to be worn in 14 different positions.


- Ambidextrous design
- Converts to shoulder holster with optional M13 or UM84H Harness
- Equipped with Quick-Lock belt fastener
- Removable flap for conversion to thumb break
- System can be worn 14 different ways
- U.S. Armed Forces standard issue for the Beretta M9 sidearm


Material: Nylon
- Color: OD Green
- Finish: Plain
- Hand: Ambidextrous


- Beretta .40 S&W, 96, 4.69" Barrel
- Beretta .40 S&W, 96F, 5" Barrel
- Beretta 9mm, 92F, 4.92" Barrel
- Beretta 9x19mm Parabellum, 92FS, 4.92" Barrel