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Lube Die #4

Lube Die #4


  • $ 35.42

Decap and lube cases in one step with our exclusive lube die. Designed for progressive presses like the Pro2000, Turret, AmmoMaster, Piggyback II and Auto 4x4, but works just fine in single-stage presses. Four sizes cover 45 popular calibers. It's faster and cleaner than a lube pad easy to refill with lubricant (RCBS Case Lube-2 included) standard 7/8" x 14 thread.

257 Weatherby Magnum
264 Winchester Magnum
6.5 x 68Smm
270 Weatherby Magnum
284 Winchester
7mm Remington Magnum
7mm Shooting Times Westerner
7mm Weatherby Magnum
30-338 Winchester Magnum
300 H&H Magnum
300 Weatherby Magnum
300 Wincheseter Magnum
308 Norma Magnum
8mm Remington Magnum
338 Winchester Magnum
340 Weatherby Magnum
350 Remington Magnum
375 H&H Magnum
41 Magnum
450 Marlin
458 Winchester Magnum

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