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458SOCOM 140gr ARX Brass Case /20

458SOCOM 140gr ARX Brass Case /20

Polycase Ammunition

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For over a century most bullets have been mass-produced with a process called cold forming. Lead and copper were shaped with brute force in punches and dies to create very precise projectiles. While this is still a viable and effective way to produce projectiles, other manufacturing methods have progressed thus giving us new ways to produce bullets.

PolyCase Ammunition has redefined the bullet manufacturing process. By applying injection molding technology, cutting edge engineering and a highly specialized, proprietary, polymer compound we have created designs and a process that results in precise, consistent, accurate, low ricochet, lead-free bullets with sound terminal performance. The process mitigates traditional challenges such as concentricity and weight variations and results in design profiles that function flawlessly in all firearms.

The time has come: this next generation of bullet is ready for market and our Round Nose Projectiles (RNP) are ready to ship. Our revolutionary Accelerated Rotation Extreme (ARX) projectiles are in the pipeline.


- Caliber: .458 SOCOM
- Bullet Weight: 140 Grains
- Tip: ARX Lead Free
- Quantity: 20 Rounds