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.30 110gr RN/100

.30 110gr RN/100

Sierra Bullets

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The traditional, flat base design of the Pro-Hunter has been skillfully blended with Sierra's world-famous accuracy. The custom-tapered Pro-Hunter jacket design helps assure maximum expansion, optimum weight retention and deep penetration for game-stopping, 1-shot performance. These 30 Caliber 110 Grain Pro-Hunters were designed specifically for the 30 M1 Carbine. The soft point initiates ideal expansion at velocities typically associated with M1 Carbines. Although these bullets were designed for the 30 M1 Carbine, they will also perform well in all 30 Caliber cartridges at reduced velocities.


- Caliber: 30
- Bullet Diameter: .308"
- Bullet Weight: 110 Grains
- Bullet Style: Round Nose
- Quantity: Per 100

Ballistics Information:

- Sectional Density: 0.166
- Ballistics Coefficient: 0.144

Note: These are component bullets, not loaded ammunition

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