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05000 Aligner Tool - 50 Cal MZ /1

05000 Aligner Tool - 50 Cal MZ /1

Barnes Bullets

  • $ 7.68

The Barnes Bullet Aligner is an indispensable tool specially designed to properly align Barnes muzzleloader bullets. Attach it to the ramrod for easy access, and to insure proper seating and maximum accuracy. Aligner tool is designed to fit each nose type of Barnes muzzleloader bullets. Tool features 10 x 32 male threads.


- Brass with steel threaded stud screws onto ramrod.
- Aligns bullet with center of bore.
- Brass is machined to match the ogive on Barnes muzzleloading bullets.
- Spit-Fire bullets use pn 144-124 aligner.


- Caliber: 50 Muzzleloader
- Length: 1"
- Quantity: Per 1


- Helps to Provide Exact Alignment of Bullet to Centerline of Bore
- Screws Onto Ramrod
- Exactly Matches Ogove of Barnes Expander MZ Bullet
- Will Prevent Deformation of Noses of Other Conical Bullets