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FFL Transfers

Transfer fee:

Long Gun $15 first responders and active military $5 only

Pistol/Other $15 first responders and active military $5 only

Shipping units out to other dealers 

Long Gun $30 Ground Plus Transfer Fee of $15 

Pistol/Other $30 2nd day Plus Transfer Fee $15

Email address:

Telephone number: 314-322-7522  or 817-909-5100

Special instructions for Customer:  Must Email or call to set up appointment time for pickup.  Must bring all state required ID's for transfer.  If for any reason Customer Shows without Drivers License and FOID card and any other needed paperwork or ID's.  They will be billed for that time as a transfer and billed for a secound transfer when returning with proper documentation.  All active first responders and active Military will only be charged $5 with proper ID for their profession.